1. Get booked! There is only one of each dress so you want to be the first to find, fall in love with, & take the dress that has your name on it the very same day.

  2. We are all friends here so I know you won't mind but you might be asked to share a fitting room. This is a one day sale & due to the limited nature of appointments that's sometimes how it goes! (You will still get your privacy in the fitting room & we will take turns good old fashioned style.)

  3. Generally, sample sizes work best for brides who wear between a 6-10 in ready-to-wear clothing, but keep in mind that you will still need alterations. The dresses in the sale have been tried on & are sold as-is which makes the prices unbeatable.

  4. Bring your best babe who is supportive, excited for you, & can help you be your most decisive self. Max of 2 guests for the sample sale extravaganza.

  5. Get ready to find your dress & take her home the same day!



Navigating a sample sale can be tricky business but we have scores of brides who have gotten their dream gown for a serious discount at one of our sample sales.

In order to help you figure out if you could be one of them, here's a couple of things to consider: are you able to make a decision quickly or do you need lots of opinions and/or mom's approval before making your final choice? are you a street size 6-10 and average height? is there one particular dress that you absolutely have to try on or have?

There's no wrong answers here, but sample sales can be a bit hectic {there are a lot of badass babes on a budget} and so we cannot hold a gown. This means that when you find your dress, you have to be ready to make that split second decision. Give us a call to talk through booking an appointment! You can ask us all your questions. We are here for it, babe.

And please know, for this one-day sale we are going to be extremely generous with our pricing so you can spend more time shopping and no time haggling.

Happy dress finding! Let's do this.