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a&bé bridal shop features unique and modern bridal styles including romantic, vintage, and boho. Locations in Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, and Miami.  

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Cicada Bridal And Wedding Dresses

Shop Cicada wedding dresses at a&bé Bridal Shop. An official Cicada wedding dress retailer. Call now for an appointment.

CICADA wedding dresses

The Cicada wedding collection can now be found in both Denver and Minneapolis.  This collection of figure-flattering gowns are for the discerning bride. Gowns start at $1195.  Click here to meet with a stylist to find your Cicada bridal gown. 

Our Current favorite wedding dresses From Cicada

 Leanne Marshall Bridal gowns, a&bé bridal shop denver, co
 Leanne Marshall Bridal gowns, a&bé bridal shop denver, co


A little Q&A with the designer:

Q. What is your design inspiration? 

Jen: Vintage illustration and high quality fabrics

Elizabeth: my brides are my inspiration, the dresses come alive when i can put a real face to them.  


Q. Tell me two little known facts about you: 

J: I play drums in the Witches Titties and design a line of accessories called Kitten Mittens that benefits PAWS, our local animal rescue.

E:  I direct and design costumes for theatre and am an aerialist in my spare time.  


Q. Describe your personal style: 

E & J: we both have a very personal and unique style; we love hand made, vintage, high quality clothes, which we usually tweak and tailor ourselves. 
Jen has a vintage coat collection/ E loves local handmade jewelry.


Q. What is your favorite article of clothing? 

J: Kitten Mittens of course! I wear houndstooth ones with a vintage red wool coat, and elbow length cashmere ones with my 3/4 sleeve leopard coat.

E: my favorite garment is a vintage Betsy Johnson long black velvet's super gothic, and I never receive less than a dozen compliments whenever i put it on.  


Q. Favorite vacation spot: 

J: New York: every time I visit I have a crazy unforgettable experience, and the fabric stores are my heaven.

E:  Paris; I cannot get enough of that city.  If I ever run away from home, that is where you will find me, (or not!)


Q. When did you know that you were going to design bridal?

E & J: When we started Cicada we had a line of dresses at local shops and we had so many custom requests to make them in ivory that our first 10 piece bridal collection was born- and we never looked back!


Q. Who is your style icon? 

J: Diana Vreeland“There’s only one thing in life, and that’s the continual renewal of inspiration.”

E: I love Tim Gunn, he is stylish without being snobbish (I met him during my final interview for Project Runway, which I did not get in; Tim said I didn't need Project Runway!  I love you Tim!)


Q. If you could dress any celebrity, who would it be?

J: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, wouldn't the fittings be fun?

E: I would dress Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama..powerful women should also look amazing. 


Q. What is the last great book that you read? 

J: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and always by my bed: Diana Vreeland Memos: the Vogue Years

E:  The Magicians, by Lev Grossman; one should always read fantasy during bridal season.  


Q. Any advice for brides? 

J: Don't starve yourselves. Work out, eat healthy- fine! But the hangrier you get the more emotional, and harder it is to make good happy decisions. 

E: Don't ask too many people for their opinions when choosing a bridal gown.  trust your own gut...women know what looks best on them.  Be empowered to make your own choice!


 Leanne Marshall bridal gowns, a&bé bridal shop, denver, co
 Leanne Marshall bridal gowns, a&bé bridal shop, denver, co